11 Apr Safety

Safety is the top priority in any workplace. Heavy machinery are excellent tools that do the work a person can’t, or at the very least can do the work more efficiently; however, if operated incorrectly, heavy machinery can cause severe injury and death. While Anderson Forklift will make sure that you understand the functions of the machine you’ve purchased, which will better equip both you and your employees with the knowledge needed to keep safe, there will still be required training to operate your machine safely, effectively, and efficiently. Here are a few safety guidelines, and all of them are considered good practice by OSHA.

Safety Tips

It’s always good practice to be aware of your surroundings: be aware of your position to people, to structure, and to any potential hazards. A Forklift can cause so much damage to the person driving it; a forklift can tip over, collide with the goods which can then fall into the cab, and even onto other workers. A forklift is heavy, and it can pin or crush a person. There’s also the possibility the forklift can damage the goods or the warehouse. Practice awareness. Check in every possible direction when starting the forklift from a stopped position. While you operate the Forklift, keep your attention on the machine and the direction of travel. If you must check on something, bring the Forklift to a complete stop before you do. Also, never allow passengers to ride on the Forklift; a passenger on either the forks or on the outside of the cab is at risk for severe bodily injury or death. You should never use the Forklift for anything other than work; no horseplay, not ever. Also, always try to keep the view clear in the direction you’re moving. If you are unable to, then you should proceed with caution. Anticipate a problem. If you have any questions as to the operation of your machine, or if would like to speak with Anderson Forklift about purchasing a new or used machine, then call today

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