PE 4500 Series Walkie/Rider

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Engineered to a higher standard and proven to thrive in harsh environments, the PE Series excels at dock work, transporting, order picking and more. 

The powerful Crown-built AC Drive Motor is specifically engineered for lift truck applications. It delivers greater torque for improved acceleration and smoother plug reversals.

The PE Series end control pallet truck is a heavy-duty, electric power lift truck that can be used as a walkie or rider truck for low-level order picking, loading, unloading and transporting.

RC 5500 Series Counter Balance

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For operators working in confined spaces, visibility is essential. To this end, the unique design geometry of the RC Series outpaces all others where it counts the most: in trailers, narrow aisles, and areas congested with pedestrians, equipment and products. 

The power unit curves in on the right side (where operators look most often). This contour, along with the low profile power unit translates into industry-leading visibility.

The mast and pillar design also enhances forward visibility. This has been achieved through the clean routing of hydraulics and chains as well as the orientation of the pillar itself.

The RC Series stand-up counterbalance forklift features a side-stance operator compartment that maximizes visibility and allows for easy entry/exit in applications where the operator is frequently on and off the truck.

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RM 6000 Series Narrow Isle Mono Mast Reach

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The Crown RM/RMD Series offers unmatched, all-around visibility – at ground level, eye level, height and in all directions around the operator.

The RMD Series is the only narrow-aisle rider reach truck with a MonoLift mast. The forks extend to allow the truck to deposit or retrieve pallets that are positioned in the rack two deep.

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TSP Series Narrow Isle Turret

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The TSP Series features a stronger mast, higher reach, and narrow footprint, allowing you make the most of your storage space.

Crown’s MonoLift Mast provides the stability needed for operators and loads up to six stories in the air.

Crown’s exclusive MonoLift mast includes strengthened boxed-in sections and heavy gauge steel. As a result, there’s less twisting and swaying than with traditional, dual upright masts.

The TSP 6000 Series is a man-up turret stockpicker with a max lift height of 495 inches. This series can handle full pallet loads on either side of the aisle due to the pivoting design of the auxiliary mast and fork carriage.

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Crown Manual Hand Pallet Jacks

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The PTH Series features solid construction and generous use of steel – especially at critical stress points – to deliver long-lasting performance. 

The durability of the PTH Series is enhanced by a reinforced lower handle, strong C-channel forks made of thick steel, cross braces and steel forgings on lift link arms and box-style push rods.

In addition, the PTH Series uses yellow chromate pins and shafts for corrosion protection and hard chrome pistons to minimize rust.

The PTH hand pallet truck features a 5000 lb weight capacity, heavy-duty, one piece formed forks for maximum durability, and a hydraulic system tested to more than one million cycles.