Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment Systems

Productivity and profitability align with a Rotary Wheel Alignment Machine.

Wheel alignment has gotten a bad rap as one of the more demanding services in the repair business. That doesn’t need to be the case for your shop. And when you own a Rotary wheel alignment machine, it’s not. Our easy-to-use Baysaver system doesn’t require a designated bay, so you can maximize your workspace. And because many of our systems allow techs to finish alignments in as little as 15 minutes, you can increase your revenue by getting more vehicles in and out of your shop.

Wheel Aligner – R1090 | Pro 3D Alignment System


Wheel Aligner – R1080Plus | Baysaver 3D Wheel Alignment System


Wheel Aligner – R1070 | Pro CCD Wheel Alignment System


Wheel Aligner – R1065 | Mobile Tablet Aligner


Wheel Aligner – R5000HD | Commercial Truck Alignment System


Any alignment system should provide feedback of the vehicle’s tire position relative to the center line of the car. Rotary’s wheel alignment equipment provides this analysis faster and easier than other comparable equipment thanks to our patented clamping systems, measuring heads and cameras. Take the mystery out of alignment and take back the profits that have been falling through the cracks.



a·lign·ment |  ˈəˈlīnmənt

Machine found in garages, shops, car and truck dealerships around the world.  Organize an arrangement in a straight line or come up with a correct or appropriate adjustment to the relative positions. Or in other words, adjust the vehicle so it saves wheels from wear and keeps everything in line.  It’s not a hard concept and it’s not difficult to perform as others would have you believe.

Our systems don’t have towers in the way and are inexpensive so you could get started right now.