Tire Changers

Tire Changers

It’s time to change your tire changers.

How big is your shop? How much business do you do? How much do you want to do? What size tires are rolling through your bay doors? What’s your budget for tire changers? No matter how you answered those questions, we have an answer for you when it comes to tire changers. From leverless to tilt-back to swingarm to speed changers, we offer one of the most comprehensive lineups of tire changers in the industry. And they’re all super simple to use with technology that ensures your techs can do the job right the first time without damaging the tire or wheel.

Tire Changer – R1200 | Leverless Pro Tire Changer


Tire Changer – R1150 | Leverless Tire Changer


Tire Changer – R247D| Swingarm Center Lock Tire Changer


Tire Changer – R145DR | Tiltback VSC Tire Changer


Tire Changer – R146RP SUPER | Swingarm Pro Max Tire Changer

R146RP Super

Tire Changer – R140i | Swingarm Tire Changer


Tire Changer – R501Plus | Super Fast Truck Tire Changer


Tire Changer – R560 | Roadside & Workshop Tire Changer


Tire Changer – R511 | Heavy Duty Truck Tire Changer


Tire Changer – R541 | Commercial Heavy-Duty Tire Changer


Tire Changer – R573 | Extreme Heavy-Duty Tire Changer


Changer Accessories

Whether you are dealing with the 12” tire of a compact sedan or a super single from a road tractor, our lineup of tire changers has you covered. Changing tires has never been easier and now you can rest assured that over 90 years of Rotary quality and commitment is there to back you – every step of the way.



chan·​g​er |  ˈcheyn-jer

Machine found in garages, shops, car and truck dealerships around the world. Used to take the tire/tyre off the wheel assembly. Mounted to a rim/wheel the “changer” is run by a technician or individual who knows how to operate the equipment. The changer removes the tire from the rim in an efficient way without damage to the rim/wheel itself.

We make changers that’ll take care of any rim/wheel, tire/rubber combination you’ll see.