Alignment Lifts

Alignment Lifts

Get more options in any bay and think outside the alignment bay with these lifts!

Rotary’s alignment lifts are compatible with all available Rotary alignment systems. They also work well with other wheel alignment systems giving your shop more flexible options for repairs and bay setup. Our open front and rear designs allow greater vehicle access plus lifts can be customized with drive-through capabilities, extra runway lighting, and utilities at the lift

Four Post Lift – ARO14 | Open Front Alignment Rack | Shockwave™ Equipped


Four Post Lift – AR18 | Drive-On Alignment Lift


Four Post Lift – ARO22 | HD Open Front Lift | Drive-On Alignment Lift


Scissor Lift – XA14 | Alignment Scissor Lift


Providing the best service is about more than just know-how. It’s about having the right equipment for the job. The go-to choice for shops of all sizes, Rotary’s line of premium equipment is manufactured to the highest standards of quality and durability to help you perform the job right the first time, every time.