Truck Lifts

Truck Lifts

Get your truck service off of the ground.

When you’re raising several tons into the air, you want to make sure everything goes as planned. With our truck lifts, your repairs don’t just go as planned—so does your business. Use the filters to narrow your search and find the heavy-duty truck lift that will do the job for you.

You need performance, reliability, and safety in a heavy duty lift. And you won’t find a truck lift that excels in those three categories more than Rotary Lift. They offer a full line of heavy-duty lifts you simply can’t find anywhere else.

From two post and four post lifts to parallelogram and scissor lifts – you can meet your shop’s specific needs with heavy duty truck lifts that exceed industry standards. And you can feel confident in your decision knowing that we back all of our lifts with a nationwide service network. When you need to raise serious machinery, you need a serious lift. And right now, you’re in the right place.