Doosan Forklifts

Doosan Forklifts

Internal Combustion, Cushion

The all new GC15S-9 to GC55C-9 Series gives you the diversity needed to get the job done. Doosan’s 3,000 lbs. to 12,000 lbs. capacity trucks are true All-Around Players, providing peak performance in any application.

Internal Combustion, Pneumatic LP

Doosan LP Pneumatic Forklifts provide a practical mix of productivity, operator comfort and low operating costs with standard features unavailable in other trucks in their class. We offer a complete range of LP trucks from the 3,000 lbs. capacity G15 up to the 15,000 lbs. capacity G70S-7.

Internal Combustion, Pneumatic Diesels

7 Series Diesels

Highly efficient and reliable forklifts with productivity enhanced features
Doosan’s 4,000 lbs. to 55,000 lbs. IC Pneumatic trucks will keep even the toughest operation running smoothly – all day, every day. Superb performance and high output from Doosan’s own G2 engines and components with high torque at low RPMs, reduce fuel consumption and feature multiple performance settings

7 Series Diesels

Electric Counterbalance

Pro-5 Series

Doosan offers a complete range of 3- and 4-wheel counterbalance electric forklift models with capacity ranges between the 2,500 lbs. and 10,000 lbs. These advanced electric forklifts are equipped with the newest generation of AC technology, assuring you industry-leading performance.

7 Series

9 Series

7 Series PLUS Reach Trucks

Doosan’s new 7 Series PLUS Reach Truck combines outstanding performance, durability and convenience with the highest level of safety features, making your warehouse logistics more productive and efficient.

Pallet Trucks & Stackers

Doosan Pallet Trucks and Stackers combined versatility and economy with advanced features only available in much more expensive models. These products feature 24V AC power for faster acceleration, more torque, higher efficiency, and lower maintenance costs due to the brushless design. From walk-behind pallet handlers to reach stackers to personnel carriers, this line features something for every warehouse application and need.

Warehouse Vehicles

From the 24V AC Personnel Carrier and Stock Chaser to the rugged 48V AC Burden Carriers, these vehicles provide cost-effective alternatives and smart solutions for your people moving needs!