In Ground Lifts

In Ground Lifts

Go above and beyond by going with an in-ground lift.

Rotary invented the first fully hydraulic in-ground lift more than 95 years ago. Since then, their obsessive pursuit of innovation has lead to a lift that requires less shop space and is environmentally-friendly. Rotary in-ground lifts have a smaller footprint that lets you put more lifts in your space, allowing you to get more vehicles in and out of your shop. Because of that, our Smartlift™ models are perfect for dealer service departments.

Inground Lift – SL210 | Smartlift | Shockwave™ Available


Inground Lift – SLW210 | Smartlift | Shockwave™ Available


Inground Lift – SL212 | Smartlift |Shockwave™ Available


Inground Lift – SLW212 | Smartlift |Shockwave™ Available


Inground Lift – SL210-MP8 | Smartlift Drive Over Pad Lift | Shockwave™ Available


Rotary Smartlifts provide an open and aesthetically pleasing service area instilling confidence in your operation and translating into higher customer satisfaction. Smartlifts™ have a smaller footprint, allowing for more lifts in less space. Less space can mean lower construction costs and reduced utility bills. Environmentally responsible Smartlifts™ are made from recycled materials, are contained in a polymer housing which protects the lift and the environment, are bio-fluid compatible and use 95% less oil than traditional style Inground lifts.