Lift Products & Accessories

Lift Product Accessories

We make the lifts. Accessories make the lifts yours.

You want your shop to be as efficient, productive, and profitable as possible. Often, that means personalizing and customizing your equipment for the specific work you do. We make accessories just for that reason. And you can depend on our accessories to be made of the highest quality materials we can find—just like our lifts. Maximum performance with minimum downtime. It’s what we strive to provide in everything we design and manufacture. That includes our genuine parts and accessories.

Browse the catalog below and view our popular parts and accessories.

110v LockLight™ Kit w/HYD Adapters
FA5700 – TechLight4 LED Light Kit
T100274 – Flip Up Adapter Kit – TRIO® ARMS
220v LockLight™ Kit
FC5967BK – Oil Drain Pan
FC5663 – Removable Work Step
FA7815 – Spotline™ Retrofit Kit
FA2260BK – Air/Electric Utility Box
FA5202 – Inbay Only Air/Electric Utility Box
FA915 – Air/Electric Utility Box
FA916KIT – Air/Electric Utility Box
FA2259BK – Air/Electric Utility Box
N539 – Base Cover Plate
N823 – Door Defender
FA5910BK – Air/Electric Utility Box
FA5911BK – Air/Electric Utility Box
FJ6100BK – Flip Up Adapter Kit – 2 Stage Arms
FJ6104BK – Flip Up Adapter Kit – 2 Stage Arms
FJ6105BK – Flip Up Adapter Kit – 2 Stage Arms
FJ6115BK – Flip Up Extended Height Truck Adapter Kit – 2 Stage Arms
FJ6117BK – Flip Up Adapter Kit – 2 Stage Arms
FJ6133BK – Flip Up Extended Height Adapter Kit – 2 Stage Arms
FJ6137BK – Mini-Van Running Board Flip Up Adapter Kit – 2 Stage Arms
FJ6138BK – Flip Up Pad Adapter Kit – 2 Stage Arms
FJ6139BK – Flip Up Pad Adapter Kit – 2 Stage Arms
FJ6190YL – Flip Up Pad Adapter Kit – 2 Stage Arms
FJ6195YL – Flip Up Extended Height Auxiliary Adapter Kit – 2 Stage Arms
FJ6197 – Thread Up Truck Adapters – 3 Stage Arms
FJ6212KITYL – Flip Up Truck Adapter Kit – 2 Stage Arms
FJ6225 – Round Adapter Kit – 3 Stage Arms
FJ6259 – Flip Up Truck Adapter Kit
FJ71015-1KIT – Low Profile Adapter Kit – 3 Stage Arms
FJ71016-1KIT – Low Profile Adapter Kit – 3 Stage Arms
RS4 – Jack Stand
T100273 – Truck Adapter Kit – TRIO® ARMS
FA5211 – Alignment Turntable
T100272 – Round Adapter Kit – TRIO® ARMS
T100271 – Adapter Extension Kit – TRIO® ARMS
FA5211KIT – Alignment Turntable
FC5760-14 – Internal Air Line Kit
FC5780-3 – Ramp Chocks
FC5781-7 – Extended Ramp Chocks
FC5781-8- Drive Through Extended Ramps
FC5825 – Drive Thru Ramp Kit
RJ150BK – Rolling Jack
S100013 – Extended Ramp Chock Kit
S100129-S – Bolt-On Alignment Kit
S100130-L – Bolt-On Alignment Kit
S100131-EL – Bolt-On Alignment Kit
S100151Y – Drive Through Ramps
Z100009 – Drive Thru Ramps
FA5112 – Shim Kit
FD2361BK – Universal Adapter Stand
FA5701 – TechLight2 LED Light Kit
M110108BK – Frame Engaging Cart
M140168YL – Fore and Aft Frame Engaging Lifting Kits
ML41YL – Saddle Cross Beam
MW-200 – Tire and Wheel Lift
MW-500 – Tire and Wheel Lift
RS2052SYL – Jack Stand
RS20SYL – Jack Stand
RS36SYL – Jack Stand
APAIRKIT – Built In Air
APAUDALARM – Descent Alarm
Junior-Jack2 – High Rise Jack
APAUXHT – Height Limiter
FA5191E – Tool Holder
FJ7880BBK – Adapter Extension Kit – 3 Stage Arms
FA5974 – Wheel Wing™ Kit
RJ7100Y – Rolling Jack
RJ6100Y – Rolling Jack
RJ9100Y – Rolling Jack
FA5702 – TechLightR LED Light Kit
M120304BK – Large Wheel Adapter
M140004RD – Forklift Ramp Kit
M140112 – Locklight™ Kit
M140115 – Locklight™ Kit
FJ2498 – 0.5″ Pad Adapters
FJ2439 – 1.5″ Pad Adapters
FJ2440 – 3″ Pad Adapters
XX100020 – Flush / Recess Kit
RJ42 – Air Hydraulic Rolling Bridge Jack
FF729 – Rotary Lift Spotting Dish
FC663BK – Rolling Jack Tray (SM/SMO122, SM/SMO123, SM/SMO14)
FC5378BK – Work steps
RJ9100Y-1- Rolling Jack
RJ9100Y-2- Rolling Jack
FJ6257KIT – Wide Frame Adapter Kit – TRIO® ARMS
FJ6247KIT – Mercedes G Wagon Polymer Adapter Kit – TRIO® ARMS
FJ6259KIT – Flip Up Wide Frame Extension Adapter Kit – 2 Stage Arms
FJ6238 – EV Specific Padded Poly Adapter Kit SPO10-RA – 3 Stage Arms
FJ6246KIT – Mercedes G Wagon Polymer Adapter Kit – 3 Stage Arms
FJ6237Y – Single EV Specific Padded Poly Adapter Assembly SPO10-RA – 3 Stage Arms
FJ5153 – 1′ Height Extension Kit (SPOA10)
FJ5154 – 2′ Height Extension Kit (SPOA10)
FJ5158 – 2′ Height Extension Kit (SPO10)
FJ5157 – 1′ Height Extension Kit (SPO10)
FJ5159 – 4′ Height Extension Kit (SPO10)
FJ5160 – 1′ Height Extension Kit (SPO12)
FJ5161 – 2′ Height Extension Kit (SPO12)
FJ6211 – 7″ Adapter Kit – 4 Adapters
RJ152BK – Rolling Jack
RJ7100Y-XBK – Rolling Jack
S100077KIT – Rolling Jack & Airline Kit
M140171 – Mobile Columns Light Kit
M140127 – 4 Wheel Fork Truck Runway Lift Kit Assembly
FJ6267-KIT – Electric Vehicle Adapters

When it’s your job to keep your customers happy, you need tools that are reliable and productive. You can depend on Rotary® to keep your shop running smooth and productive. Genuine Rotary Parts™ and Accessories are made of the highest quality material and designed to provide maximum performance and minimum downtime. Your customers depend on you. You can depend on Rotary.