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11 Apr Lift Gates:

A lift gate can make so many jobs easier. It’s especially useful for someone who makes a living transporting heavy or awkward items in a truck or van; it’s a broad range of professions, the most common of which, among many, would be movers and caterers.

            There are many types of lift gates. Anderson Forklift offers many of the different styles and models (if you have any questions, remember to give Anderson Forklift a call to speak directly with experienced staff as to which model will work best for both the type of work you do, and that’s best-suited for the vehicle in which you plan to install it). If you own a cargo van, consider the cantilevered models; these models have a large platform, and a wide base that’s perfect for a BBQ, or a stove, or other heavy item.  And it’s not just a good tool for people who work as a caterer, but anyone who owns a cargo van and wants a reliable and efficient lift gate mounted.

            The Tommy Gate Lift Gate is meant to be mounted on the back of a non-commercial truck. The gate blends in to the truck’s bed, and is installed in the place of the truck’s tailgate. It’s a sharp-looking model that doesn’t appear out of place when not at work.

Remember to Use a Lift Gate Safely

Like any piece of machinery, it’s best to read and become very familiar with your lift gate’s owner’s manual. And because you chose to buy your lift gate at Anderson Forklift, you have professionals to install it and teach you the proper operation. To stay safe around a lift gate, remember to stay clear of it while it’s in operation. Remember to watch your toes. Make sure to keep hands and clothes clear of all moving parts. Most anyone who sticks to the procedures of operating a lift gate can operate one successfully, and safely.

If you have any questions as to the type or model of lift gate that would work best for you, then give Anderson Forklift a call today.

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