What Type of Forklift Do You Need?

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07 Nov What Type of Forklift Do You Need?

Not all Forklifts are built the same. Which is why Anderson Forklift carries so many different types, sizes, etc. Forklifts are a highly customized piece of equipment, and no two businesses operate with the same equipment needs—Anderson Forklift understands this, and is ready to guide you through the process of finding the perfect machine to fit your business’s needs. Here are a few of the things to consider, when you’re considering which machine is going to work the best for you.


What are the physical features in your warehouse, in your yard. Will two different forklifts operate between the yard and the warehouse, or will you need two different forklifts—in which case you would probably want two different machines to perform the tasks in each location, or, if only one machine will be used, then you will want the machine that is sized for both, and works well in both applications. Indoor aisle width is an important consideration. Equally important is the ceiling height—maximum lift height is a consideration for warehouses with low-clearance. Tire size and type is a very important consideration, especially for the indoor/outdoor use forklift.

Other Considerations

One issue with forklifts is lighting. How well-lit is your warehouse? Do you need a forklift with an impressive array of lights because the aisles of your warehouse are poorly-lit, or is a forklift with standard lighting going to do the job? Fuel is another big consideration, because some indoor models are going to rely on battery charges while outdoor/indoor models are going to run on fossil fuels. Will your forklift be operated in a poorly ventilated warehouse where the emissions of fossil fuels will be a problem? In that case you will want only an emission-less machine for your daily needs.

Whatever your business needs, Anderson Forklift is here to help. Anderson Forklift understands that no two businesses are created the same and therefore have different Forklift needs. With a wide selection of used models as well as new, at Anderson Forklift you’re sure to find the perfect machine to suit you.

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