Ways To Prevent Forklift Accidents

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12 Sep Ways To Prevent Forklift Accidents

Forklift accidents can be devastating; devastating to a warehouse, to an employee, and to an employer. Every year in the United States there are nearly 100,00 forklift accidents. Over one hundred of those accidents are fatal. Obviously, the odds of having a forklift accident can be limited by the incorporation of more employee training. A well-trained employee is more likely to work more proficiently and efficiently. And keep up on that training, allow employees the opportunity to refresh their knowledge of the machines. And even the employees who don’t work with the machines, but work in the vicinity, should receive similar training: everyone should be given the opportunity to understand how to stay safe around Forklifts. Did you know that the most common type of Forklift accident is overturning? It’s true. It can happen when drivers drive at too fast of speeds, or when they attempt to lift or drop too heavy of objects. If everyone in the warehouse is aware of the limitations inherent in using a forklift, hopefully this will decrease the amount of accidents each year.

Also, make sure your shop or warehouse is clean. Yes, it’s easy for things to get dirty and cluttered with so many people working in and around the shop. But it’s paramount for shop safety for everyone to understand the importance of having a clean shop, of keeping areas clear and obstacle-free for forklift use. Make sure there is appropriate lighting throughout the entire shop or warehouse. Make sure that forklift operator can always tell in which direction they are going.

If you have any questions as to the operation of your own Forklift, or would like to speak with Anderson Forklift about purchasing a new or use

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