What Type Of Forklift Should I Buy?

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05 Oct What Type Of Forklift Should I Buy?

This is a common question. Forklifts come in different power styles: Electric, Diesel, and Gas. And there are differences between the three. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages you’ll have to consider when comparing all three.

Electric-Powered Forklifts

These are battery operated forklifts. Being battery operated, most of these types of forklifts are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. An Electric-Powered Forklift is not going to emit fumes throughout a warehouse, which means no harmful emissions for the environment or for your employees’ lungs. Another considerable advantage is how quietly the forklift operates. The battery-powered engine hums rather than chugs with life. Usually, an Electric-Powered Forklift is smaller and more maneuverable, so it may work best in confined spaces. There are disadvantages both obvious and not. Remember that because an Electric-Powered Forklift operates on a battery, it won’t work when the battery is out of juice. The Forklift needs to be charged, while a diesel or gas-powered version can simply be fueled up for work. Usually electric models require less skill to operate.

Diesel-Powered Forklifts

Diesel-Powered Forklifts are best for outside use. Obviously, a diesel’s exhaust is not something you want pumping throughout your warehouse. One benefit, however, is that diesel is cleaner and more efficient than gas. And, for most models, a Diesel-Powered Forklift is high powered, and is more capable and operates at higher speeds than an Electric-Powered model.

Gas-Powered Forklifts

These types of Forklifts, on the whole nationwide, have, historically, been the most popular types of forklift. Mainly this is due to the Gas-Powered Forklift being effective both for indoor and outdoor uses. The exhaust fumes are still prevalent, but less so than with the diesel. And these are oftentimes the cheapest. But, when it comes to maintenance, they are, usually, the most expensive.

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