Safety Training For Your Warehouse

23 Dec Safety Training For Your Warehouse

Site Specific Considerations:

Every warehouse is different, and every warehouse has needs and hazards that are unique to it. this means that the standard training, which is a requirement, doesn’t cover all the necessary training required to ensure employee success and safety. That means employees should be aware of the potential hazards unique to their own warehouse, and the ways in which these hazards can have an effect on forklift safety, and also the efficiency by which they operate. Here are a few of the potential hazards and conditions that can affect warehouse operation and efficiency, and a few of the ways in which employees can be trained to handle situations unique to their own workplace.

Ground Conditions

Every warehouse, indoor and outdoor, needs a floor that is strong enough to handle the weight of employees and forklifts. This may sound trivial, and when we think of an indoor warehouse we think of smooth concrete floors, but there have been instances where forklifts and employees have attempted to work on uneven concrete floors, or floors where the concrete is breaking away or heaving upward. Outdoor warehouse operations should have work areas that are free of potholes and other ground hazards such as rocks. Both indoor and outdoor areas should be free and clear of slippery ground—oil slicks and spilled liquids can pose hazards to forklifts.

Overhead Conditions
Anything that can pose a hazard to a forklift operator or other employee from above should be either placed in a location where it is no longer a hazard, or, in the instance where its other necessary machinery such as a crane, warehouse efficiency and training should include these hazards and safety plans, and efficiency plans should be designed.

There are other issues posed to a warehouse such as pedestrian travel. Employees and anyone else present in the workplace should be aware or made aware—signs and back-up alarms, horns, lights—of the presence of forklifts. As an example, consider a warehouse where employees are required to carry boxes and may not see an approaching forklift.

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