Workplace Injury

20 Aug Workplace Injury

In the workplace where physical labor is performed daily, physical injury is common. Workers in these scenarios are especially prone to injury from lifting. It’s also practically a guarantee that workers in such jobs, especially when they are required to perform physical tasks repeatedly, are prone to suffer discomfort in the shoulders, neck, and back; the discomfort can become pervasive and be difficult to treat or manage. It’s important that workers are kept safe; workers should be aware of the potential hazards in the work they perform. If workers are aware of the potential hazards, injuries should be less common.

The heavier the item to be moved, the greater the chance for musculoskeletal injury. That’s why very heavy items should always be moved around the warehouse or jobsite with machinery, either by hand truck or with power. Ramps should always be used to move machinery or to load items onto a truck (If someone bends at the waist to lift an item, even when they understand it’s best to lift with the legs and never the back, there is still chance of injury or strain).

Workplace Injury

If you do need to move items around the warehouse, it’s best to remember to keep your body as close to the object as possible. Then lift the object with the muscular power of the legs, and never with the back. And when you round a turn while carrying an object, it’s best to resist the impulse to twist the body around the corner, and instead make sure to carry the item in a straight line. Let the feet do all of the work, even if that requires several pivots to go around a corner.

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