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20 Jan Lift Gate

If your warehouse or workspace doesn’t already have a Lift Gate, and the work you do oftentimes involves transporting items that are heavy or awkward to carry into or out from a truck or van (For example, if you are a caterer or a mobile carpenter) then a Lift Gate may be the perfect appliance to make your work life easier.

Lift Gates Billings MT

Anderson Forklift carries many different types of Lift Gates, different styles and models. And if you have a question as to which model would be best-suited to the work you do and the amount of space you have, then call and speak with the experienced professionals at Anderson Forklift. If you drive a large van, a cantilevered model would install simply and easily; a cantilevered model is a large platform, a wide base that supports a BBQ, stove, table saw, etc.—this style of Lift Gate has a weight limit of 1300 lbs. It’s a terrific option for anyone who needs heavy awkward items both deployed to and cleaned up from the jobsite quickly and easily. It’s the most efficient way to work from a van.  The Tommy Lift Gate is mounted directly to the back of a non-commercial truck. It replaces the truck’s tailgate, and everything is fully enclosed and works efficiently.

Lift Gates Safety

Like all machinery, it’s important to remember that Lift Gates can cause damage to goods and to people if improperly used. It’s important to have an intimate understanding of the Lift Gate’s owner’s manual, and to train all employees. It’s important to stay clear of the Lift Gate while it’s in use. Toes and fingers are easily damaged with irresponsible or improper Lift Gate operation. And all clothing should be kept free of the moving parts.

If you have any questions about a Lift Gate or Forklift, then call the experts at Anderson Forklift today.

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