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27 Jan Forklift Technology

When you come to Anderson Forklift looking for a new or refurbished machine, there are more considerations to be made than merely size and capacity (Although those are two very important things and you don’t want a forklift that cannot operate efficiently within the space confines of you warehouse, nor do you want a machine incapable of doing the work). As forklifts have advanced with modern technologies, machines have become more capable of heavier and more challenging work. And one of the reasons that modern technology has increased forklift productivity is due to ergonomics. Operators can move within the cockpit of their machine capably and comfortably, without undue stress on the body, and do the work with focus and efficiency.

Forklift ergonomics are easily customized, and that customization is one of the reasons that technologies have changed the way that operators use machines. With simple and efficient controls, machines can be customized to suit a variety of body types and sizes; this makes it easy to have several operators using the machine in the same day. Some forklifts do have programmable settings that allow simple push-button control between users.

Other technologies that have advanced forklift technologies are safety equipment and accessories, and also fuel sources. Signals and alerts help the forklift operator make their presence and intent known to pedestrian traffic; similar signals and alerts help to warn operators of obstacles, and signal operators when the components and accessories require service. Batteries and other modern fuel-sources have come far in effective range and effective run hours. Some modern batteries are as capable as some gas-powered machines.

If you have any questions about modern forklift technologies, or how a new machine may help your business become more efficient and effective, then call the forklift experts at Anderson Forklift today.



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