Create A Culture of Safety: Solve Certain Warehouse Problems

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05 Feb Create A Culture of Safety: Solve Certain Warehouse Problems

Oftentimes warehouse issues are not immediately dealt with. But every warehouse problem should get the attention it deserves. Some of the seemingly simplest problems are the ones that cause the biggest and most complicated problems. Here’s a few common warehouse problems and a few simple solutions to solve them.

Narrow Aisles

Some warehouses lack space. It can be for any number of reasons. One common reason is that a business expands; the business grows to the limits of its space. And not only do small aisles cause safety problems, but also small aisles can present certain challenges for work production. Small aisles can slow down workflow. Small aisles could be the reason for damage; even the best forklift operator working within a too-small space may bump into things. The solution to small aisles—besides getting a larger warehouse—is to purchase a forklift that maneuvers easier through the space. Forklifts come in all sizes, and you may find that a smaller forklift can do everything you ask of it, but also navigate the aisles of your warehouse.


Fuel is a constant consideration for a warehouse that relies on a forklift for production. Forklifts that run on batteries will eventually run out of juice. Maybe if you’re having issues with battery-operated forklifts it’s time to switch to more efficient batteries, such as Lithium Ion batteries. Lithium Ion batteries are considerably more expensive than traditional batteries, but for the warehouse that loses money due to a lack of production, they do save money because they charge-up quickly. Also, because Lithium Ion batteries are considerably more efficient than traditional batteries, they do provide a significant savings in maintenance costs at the end of the year.

These are only a few of the problems faced by the modern warehouse. Thankfully Anderson Forklift has numerous forklift options. Whether you need a small forklift or a big forklift, a forklift that runs on fuel or a battery-powered forklift, a brand-new forklift or a used-but-certified forklift, then Anderson Forklift has you covered.

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