Aisle Width

27 Jan Aisle Width

As business grows so too does the need for space. And when a warehouse needs more space it’s easy to begin to overcrowd, narrowing the space between pallet racks, etc. Efficiency is important in any warehouse, but it’s important that the machine operators and pedestrians that work in those aisles have enough room to work efficiently and remain safe. Here are a few tips to allow for growth and expansion within your warehouse and also to keep everyone safe and working efficiently.

Warehouse aisle width should be a calculable measurement. Machines are built to maneuver within a certain space; forklifts require a minimum turning radius, and the configuration of the machine’s accessories will also determine the minimum safe and efficient space within which the machine can operate. And when you determine aisle space you are determining that space for the forklift operators and their abilities; allowances of space should be considered to allow for imperfections in machine operation. And the level of experience of the pedestrians and operators should always be taken into consideration. If you have operators and employees who have quality experience and can provide insight into the space needed within the warehouse for them to do their work, it may be a good idea to speak with them about any plans to maximize space. In many cases you may discover potential unforeseen issues that could have posed a problem to efficiency and safety.

In many warehouses, there is a conventional aisle width determined throughout. Usually between 12 and 13 feet in width, this measurement was once determined to be a safe and efficient distance to accommodate a variety of machines. But that doesn’t mean that the measurement would perfectly suit your own machines or employees, so it’s important to do the math before you change anything.

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