When to Replace a Forklift

05 May When to Replace a Forklift

Unfortunately, forklifts will not last forever; like other machines forklifts have a finite operational life. But that doesn’t mean that a finely tuned and well-maintained fleet of forklifts will not last a considerable time. But, when a forklift reaches 10,000 hours of use or more (Sound familiar to the 100,000-mile rule with modern vehicles) it’s going to reach an optimal operational life and a point of time at which efficiency and reliability may begin to degrade. If your forklift fleet is aging, and you are wondering if your machines need to be replaced, here are few things to consider…

First, it’s important to note the work your forklift performs. When a forklift operates under routine conditions, operating on the smooth concrete of a warehouse floor, in a climate conditioned warehouse, it’s likely going to last well-beyond a forklift that’s operated in a dusty and gravelly area, in ever-changing climate conditions. Heat, cold, weather, and rough terrain can quickly degrade the engine, transmission, and hydraulics.

It’s also important to note how often the forklift is operated at capacity. When a forklift is operated at its fullest capacity, daily, it’s going to put undue stress on its components.

And perhaps most importantly, it’s best to keep the forklift in prime shape. Daily maintenance is important, and regular care and upkeep is vital to making sure that the forklift remains in efficient operational shape. And when it becomes apparent that repairs are costing far more than necessary, especially when the forklift is maintained properly, it may be time to consider replacement.

If you are in need of a new machine, or a fleet of machines, your experienced forklift specialists at Anderson Forklift are ready to help. If you have any questions about a new or refurbished machine, call today.

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