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10 May Training:

Anderson Forklift is well-stocked with efficient and modern forklifts and also quality used machines, but the service doesn’t stop there. With twenty-five years of experience (in fact currently celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary), Anderson Forklift also offers training in Forklift use and care. Why is this important? Because a forklift in the hands of an operator with little-to-no experience is dangerous. The training methods prepare a potential or inexperienced forklift operator to understand the inherent hazards in the operation of the machinery; every forklift operator should understand the ins and outs of his or her machine, especially the process of operation to the machine’s safety equipment. The courses offered include both hands-on type training and classroom time.

The courses focus on the operator’s responsibilities; a forklift operator’s responsibilities are more than just the piloting of the machine. He or she will learn how to perform a pre-start inspection: check the machine to ensure that everything is in perfect working order; check the machine’s fluids/battery levels; how to address the problems he or she may find. The course will also focus on how to conduct a workplace inspection: things to consider around the warehouse that may pose a potential problem/safety hazard to the forklift operator and other employees. Experienced lessons involving the prevention of forklift accidents and identifying the potential hazards of forklift operation—for someone new to forklift operation, a lesson developed by and taught by an experienced forklift operator is invaluable to the potential successes in safety and in business at a warehouse. This includes how to see the potential to warehouse hazards and how to address those hazards before an accident occurs.

There are teaching material provided for the class, including a safety guidelines booklet that may continue to be an invaluable reference to a forklift operator even after the course ends. Also, those who complete the course will receive a wallet-sized card that he or she may show to potential employers.

If you have any questions as to how Anderson Forklift can make your warehouse run more smoothly, then call today.

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