Too Many Forklift Mishaps

17 Jan Too Many Forklift Mishaps

Did you know that according to the statistics kept by various organizations, including the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there are numerous forklift operators and foot workers killed by forklift-related mishaps every year? These fatalities occurred in different ways, although the four most common are: forklift overturns, a worker is struck by a moving forklift, a worker is crushed by a forklift, and a worker/operator falls from a forklift. Many of these forklift-related injuries and fatalities could possibly have been prevented with training and workplace awareness. Here are several ideas to keep both foot workers and operators safe.

Every forklift operator should be trained to use his or her machine safely and efficiently. Training should include both formal and practical aspects. Formal training can come from lecture, video, written materials, etc. And practical training can include both demonstration and practical exercises—hands-on type exercises that bolster experience in a controlled environment.

An operator should also know and understand his or her equipment. There are common OSHA requirements that will provide benchmarks of understanding and experience, but an operator should also be aware of how his or her equipment will function in the warehouse space. Every warehouse is different, and knowing how the equipment will operate both safely and efficiently within that space is important. Workplace awareness is so very important to the safety of both the forklift operator and any foot worker. And it’s not just important for the operator, but also the employees who work on foot near an operational forklift. Foot workers can be injured when a forklift is driven off a loading dock, or when they are struck, or when load falls.

And in addition to employee safety, which is absolutely paramount, training is also important to limit the amount of damage done to pallets and cargo.

Hopefully you’ve learned something about warehouse safety. If you have any questions about how a new or refurbished forklift can improve the efficiency of your warehouse, then call the forklift experts at Anderson Forklift today.

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