Safety and Maintenance: Take Care of Your Forklift

Forklift Safety

14 Aug Safety and Maintenance: Take Care of Your Forklift

A forklift is a highly dynamic warehouse tool; in a normal warehouse environment, a forklift is required to perform a number of different tasks, and perform each perfectly and without damaging the warehouse and the cargo, or injuring a person. But wear and tear on the forklifts components can cause operational failure and result in an unpredictable machine. That’s why it’s imperative that each forklift be maintained for regular use, and in the process of maintenance should be inspected before, during, and after use. Maintenance and safety inspections should be performed only by those who have experience with the machine and its components, and each inspection should be performed with absolute attention to detail; accuracy during an inspection is paramount. 

Your machine’s health is one of the major reasons to keep up with routine inspection. For instance, when you check the forks on your machine you want to check all the surfaces for any signs of wear: cracks, chips, dents. Then check where the forks connect to the lift truck: weld locations in top shape, etc. And if you do notice damage in any areas to have the forklift serviced/repaired by the forklift professionals at Anderson Forklift. Don’t put a broken machine into service, because when a damaged machine is put into service the risk for damage to persons and property is high. 

Among other components, components at high risk for excessive wear and tear are chains. Daily, chains are put through repetitive service, so much so that every environmental condition present in the warehouse (dirt, rust, water, even dust) affect the chains capabilities. Chains left unmaintained are going to break down, and lose performance capabilities sooner than chains appropriately maintained. Whenever there is apparent wear, or signs of rust and corrosion, chains should be replaced. 

If you have any questions about forklift maintenance, or if you are looking for your next new/refurbished new forklift, then call the experts at Anderson Forklift today.

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