Safe and Efficient Forklift Operation

26 Apr Safe and Efficient Forklift Operation

When it comes to work, the longer we do something the more efficient we do it. When it comes to forklift operation, the more hours you log in a forklift the more comfortable you are doing the work; but, it’s possible to become too comfortable. And when an operator becomes overly comfortable with the work they do, it’s possible that they can develop habits and practices that are not safe.

One of the ways in which an operator can become too comfortable with their machine is in the initial safety inspection. It can feel tiring and even maddening to go over each and everything on the checklist, especially if the operator used the machine on the previous day. But initial inspections are important and necessary. Check the machine for damage or obstructions—anything that can pose a threat to efficient operation. Check the safety harnesses and check the brakes; check the operation and check the safety features such as the lights and alarms.

It’s also necessary to operate the forklift at a safe and efficient speed. It can be tempting to push the boundaries of the machine and to ignore the speed limits within the warehouse, but the speed limits are there for the safety of the operator, any pedestrians, and the product. Situational awareness is an extremely important operator trait, and when operators drive their machines at fast speeds then situational awareness degrades.

It likely goes without saying, but it’s inappropriate to engage in horseplay either while in or when near the machine. Horseplay can easily cause an accident.

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