Injuries On The Job

26 Apr Injuries On The Job

There are jobs where people are prone to injury. It’s especially common in those jobs where physical labor is required. Folks who perform physical labor, daily, at one point or another, will likely develop an injury; it could be as mild a case as a sore shoulder or more severe. These injuries can sideline employees, resulting in staffing and efficiency issues. But not all injuries are unavoidable; a vast majority are preventable with training and clear policies.

Workplace Hazards

Whenever someone is required to carry an item there is a risk for a musculoskeletal injury, and the risks compound the heavier the object. But that’s one of the many advantages of machinery; forklifts, hand trucks, etc., can all help to alleviate some of the risks involved in transporting heavy items. It may be good policy to use a hand truck or forklift anytime something heavy needs to be moved. When the heavy object needs to be moved, the person doing the moving should remember to lift the object with their legs and not their back. It’s also a good idea to place heavier items on higher shelves to eliminate the need for the employee to bend at the waist to pick up the object; it won’t eliminate completely the risk of a back injury, but it will hopefully help to keep an employee safer.

It’s also important to teach employees the proper way to walk while holding a heavier object. For instance, when someone lifts an object they should avoid sudden twists and turns, or that it’s also good practice to carry the object as close to the body as possible.

A well-trained workforce is valuable for any warehouse, but a team of well-trained employees whose experience is bolstered by the mechanical help of a forklift or hand truck is invaluable. If you have any questions about the purchase of a new or refurbished machine, then call the forklift experts at Anderson Forklift today.

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