I Need a New Forklift: Which Type Should I Buy?

09 May I Need a New Forklift: Which Type Should I Buy?

It’s a common question: “What is the perfect forklift for my warehouse?”. There are numerous answers, but the place to start is the type of fuel on which the forklift operates: Electric, diesel, and gas. There are differences between the three fuel types, and here are a few of the advantages and a few of disadvantages you’ll have to consider if you compare the three. 

Electric Forklifts 

Some forklifts operate on battery power. And being battery operated, most of these types of forklifts are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. A Battery-Powered Forklift is not going to emit fumes throughout a warehouse, which means no harmful emissions for the environment or for your employees’ lungs. Another considerable advantage to the battery-powered forklift is that its operation is much quieter than other fuel types. And, in most models, a Battery-Powered Forklift is more maneuverable, because of its smaller size, and narrower width, and it could work most efficiently in a warehouse with limited or narrow aisle widths. And, usually, electric models require less skill to operate. One disadvantage? A Battery-Powered Forklift will not work when the battery is either damaged or out of juice. 

Forklift that Run on Diesel Fuel 

A forklift that runs on diesel is a candidate for outside use. Diesel exhaust is not appropriate for indoor use. The biggest benefit of diesel over electric is that it is usually much more powerful, and more capable of operating at higher speeds. It also burns the fuel much cleaner than a gas engine. 

Forklifts that Run on Gas 

These types of Forklifts, on the whole nationwide, have, historically, been the most popular types of forklift. The forklift with a gas engine can be used anywhere, both indoors and out. 

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