How to Train for Success

19 Feb How to Train for Success

When you purchase something as unique and important as a forklift, it’s imperative that you purchase the machine through an experienced and reputable supplier; a supplier that can both provide the machine and also help you know it intimately before you put it to good use in your warehouse or yard. That’s one of many reasons why you should choose Anderson Forklift for your first or next forklift purchase. Although even though you’ve purchased a terrific machine through Anderson Forklift, it’s still important that you take care of it daily. Daily routine inspections are important. Routine inspections help to both know the current state of the machine and provide time to make any necessary repairs, adjustments, etc.; but, inspections also help an operator become more knowledgeable about their machine—the greater an operator’s knowledge of a machine the less chance of a workplace accident.

When you inspect a forklift for damage, signs of wear and tear, fluid levels, etc., it’s best to perform the initial inspection with the engine turned off. The components to be checked on nearly every forklift are seatbelts, tires, horn and safety-related accessories, fluid levels, brakes, and lights. When you have determined that these accessories and components are in perfect working order, then it’s time to check the mechanical functions: check all the moving part and the load-supporting components.

Daily inspections are only one way you and your staff can train for success and safety. Other important and unavoidable considerations involve training in the usage and capabilities of the machine. The training should be both formal lessons that include lectures and written material, but also training on forklift operation within the confines of the warehouse itself; aisle width, corners, etc.

Forklifts are a terrific tool and Anderson Forklift is ready to help you decide on the size and model that will best suit your particular needs. If you have any questions about a new or used forklift then call Anderson Forklift today.

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