Forklift Types

02 Jul Forklift Types

Every warehouse is different, which is why not all forklifts are built the same. Come in and speak with the forklift experts at Anderson Forklift, and possibly be amazed at the different models/types/sizes of machines to choose from. It’s important that every business find the machine that will suit their workplace perfectly. So, when you are ready to purchase your next forklift, here are a few considerations.

The size of the forklift you need is dependent not only on the work you plan to do, but also on the physical layout of the warehouse—or outdoor yard. Will the machine be used indoors? There are forklifts suited to indoor use, and others suited to outdoor. And when it comes to indoor requirements, there are also aisles and ceilings that may constrain or make dangerous the operation of a larger forklift. And tire size and tire type will be an important consideration; a forklift designed for indoor use will be better equipped with tires that are different than a forklift designed to be used outdoors.

Forklift components and accessories are an important consideration. In a poorly-lit warehouse, a forklift with a full array of lights would make the work safer and likely be performed more efficiently. Fuel is an important consideration: a machine that runs on fossil fuels should never be sued in an enclosed space. Indoors, battery-powered models will require a recharge, requiring a certain daily diligence to ensure the machine will continue to be operational throughout the workday.

If you are ready for your first machine or your next, Anderson Forklift is ready to help. No two warehouses are created exactly the same, and with a wide selection of both new and used machines, you’re sure to find the machine that perfectly suits your needs.

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