Forklift Operations: Train for Success

02 Jul Forklift Operations: Train for Success

Have you ever heard the adage that it takes ten-thousand hours of experience in a skill to be considered an expert? It doesn’t matter the type of skill. On the job site, that’s a lot of time and attention, a lot of energy and devotion to professionalism. It takes time to become an expert, and while it may appear to most that forklift operation is as simple as driving a car, it’s not. For instance, one of the biggest differences in forklift operation and common vehicular operation is that a forklift has three points of suspension; the balance in common operations are completely different between an automobile and forklift.

It’s important an operator know and understand his or her machine. The operator should have a feel for even the subtle nuances in the machine’s operation. In a warehouse setting, where there are potential hazards, and potential for a machine to either cause injury or death to coworkers or damage goods and infrastructure, they need to be aware of the machine’s capabilities and the layout of the warehouse. The forklift operator who works and practices to perfect their operation with their machine will have less a chance of accident.

There are a few ways that forklift operators should accustom themselves to the nuances of their machine. Every operator should do a daily inspection on their machine, inspecting the fluid levels, the condition of the tires, the function of built-in safety devices, and the forklift’s general condition overall. Daily general inspections are important, helping not only an operator become more comfortable with their machine, but also to ensure that the machine is in proper working condition. Operators should also participate in any trainings that could better their skills with their machine.

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