Forklift Damage Prevention

08 Jun Forklift Damage Prevention

Unfortunately, for all the talk about forklift safety, warehouse accidents will continue to happen. One such accident that will likely befall every warehouse is pallet damage. The forklift will eventually do damage both great and small to pallet racks. And pallet rack damage can be costly. But these types of accidents are preventable. And here are a few tips to lessen the chances that one occurs. 

Training is the number one tip to keep accidents at a minimum. Every forklift operator should be certified, and also be well-educated and provided continual training. Every employee who works with a machine should be trained in the machine’s functions, and also in the logistical maintenance that every machine requires. 

Warehouse efficiency and cleanliness is another important tip. The warehouse should be kept clutter-free; the aisles within the warehouse should be appropriately-lit; pallet-racks shouldn’t be placed and left within the aisles. Floors should be relatively level, and any dips or potholes need to be dealt with. And each forklift should be equipped with appropriate and efficient lighting. Each forklift should have all necessary mirrors; a forklift operator should be able to see in mirrors any and all of his or her blind spots. And in regard to efficiency, warehouses should have a policy on the appropriate speed at which an operator can drive a forklift within the warehouse, and this speed should be posted throughout the warehouse. 

Racks should be inspected for proper alignment, and any damage done to a rack should be reported immediately. 

The last tip is to ensure that every pallet within the warehouse is appropriately labeled with the load tolerances. Forklifts do have limits, and there should never be any doubt as to what those limits are; never should a forklift operator be unsure if his or her machine can handle the load. 

Yes, minor warehouse accidents will continue to happen. But hopefully when a warehouse is well-managed, and employees are well-trained, the frequency at which minor accidents occur will lessen. And if you have any questions about how Anderson Forklift can provide you a machine that can operate efficiently within your warehouse space, then call today.

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