Blind Corners Forklift Safety

20 Jan Blind Corners Forklift Safety

Corners and intersections within the aisles of a warehouse can pose certain hazards for both forklift operators and pedestrian traffic. It’s especially dangerous in a warehouse without visibility aids, guards, or mirrors. Busy warehouses are especially prone to the dangers of a workplace accident or collision because everyone is intensely-focused on work and likely distracted.

Forklift Safety

The first way to limit the likelihood of an accident is to train. Pedestrians who work the warehouse should be trained that these intersections are inherently dangerous, and to proceed through these places with caution. Forklift operators should use both lights and sound (lights because in a busy warehouse it’s possible pedestrians won’t hear a horn or a beep. And in addition to training employees, it’s important to keep the areas around intersections clear of workstations, sorting and picking locations, etc.

Safety in the Warehouse

Safety mirrors are also a terrific addition. Mirrors are relatively inexpensive and increase visibility. There are also advanced mirrors that detect traffic and flash warnings lights. Warehouse sensors can also detect oncoming traffic and alert both operators and pedestrians. It’s also important that every employee is trained on the safety solutions, and to remind pedestrians to never take for granted the right of way throughout the warehouse.

Forklift Driver Safety

Appliances and obstacles can also be effective. Guard rails are a terrific addition to busy warehouses. The addition of a guard rail slows both forklift and pedestrian traffic. Speed bumps are also a good addition within warehouses. The speed bump won’t likely limit the speed of pedestrian traffic, but it will limit the forklift operators; but, it is also effective for pedestrian traffic because the visual cue of the speed bump is a quick reminder to anyone on foot of the forklift operators with whom they share a workspace.

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