Be Successful: Train

16 Oct Be Successful: Train

Think of a top-notch athlete…How did he or she become so successful? Answer: He or She trained for success. They practiced until they could perform to near perfection.

There’s an adage that states it takes ten thousand hours to perfect a task. Yes, that is a lot of time and devotion to one thing; but when we consider that amount of time as time spent in the workplace, that’s really only five years in work time—40 hr. workweek.

And it can be easy to dismiss the forklift as a machine that requires considerable experience to perfect, because the forklift doesn’t appear to be overly difficult to operate. It’s not as big and burly as a backhoe or as strange and wily as a skid steer.

Someone uninitiated may even believe the operation between an automobile and a forklift are similar, but it’s a mistake to compare two. There are many differences, and the biggest involve balance: an automobile is balanced on four wheels while a forklift has only three points of suspension, making it much more tippy in operation.

 So, when you train for success at your warehouse, work to get to know the machine, get to know how it handles and maneuvers; there are subtle nuances in the way each machine operates. And the forklift operator who wants to understand his or her machine, and who has the mindset of getting better, will be less likely to have an accident due to absentmindedness.

A forklift operator should also perform daily checks, getting to know his or her machine. He or she should inspect the fluids, the condition of the tires, that the safety devices are reliable, and that the forklift ass a whole is in good mechanical working order.

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