A Pallet Jack or a Forklift

17 Sep A Pallet Jack or a Forklift

A forklift is a tremendous tool within the warehouse. It’s responsible for replacing so much manual labor and the efficiencies gained are usually tremendous. But in some cases, a pallet jack is the machine for the job. Some warehouses use a pallet jack over a forklift for efficiency reasons. Here are a few of the reasons why a warehouse would want either a pallet jack or a forklift….

There are many obvious differences between the pallet jack and the forklift. The most glaring difference is the size of the machine. A forklift is the machine when it’s absolutely necessary to lift and move larger loads; loads that are at or over 3500 lbs. But, if you are limited on space and the load capacities don’t exceed the capacities of the pallet jack, then the pallet jack might actually be the machine of choice. It might be that you need both machines, but need the machines for different tasks.

If the aisles within your warehouse are narrow, or you have many employees and forklift traffic is difficult to navigate, then a pallet jack may be the choice machine. But a pallet jack has reach limitations, while most forklifts are built to reach virtually any rack within the warehouse. But when the load to move is small (By machine standards) then the pallet jack can grab it and move it quickly and easily. It’s much less obtrusive than a forklift and it can do the work required without completely disrupting the work going on within the warehouse.

When you have the tools and machines to do the job properly then the work you do happens much more efficiently. If you have any questions about the best machine for your warehouse then call the forklift experts at Anderson Forklift today.

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