R&M Hoists

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The Spacemaster® SXs’ unique hoist features include new low maintenance, sealed brakes, a two-speed hoist motor, and trolley inverter control. The standard hoist nameplate will carry a CSA c/us rating as well as a NEMA 3R rating for electrical enclosures. Two-component epoxy paint is standard. Spacemaster® SX hoists are designed to meet and exceed either ASME H3 or ASME H4 duty (FEM 1Am, 2m, or 3m) ratings and provide the ultimate in easy load handling, safe operation and lasting, trouble-free performance.


  • Equipped with standard hoist features
  • 230, 460, or 575 volts – 3 phase – 60 Hz power supply
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The Spacemaster® EX electric wire rope hoist is the hazardous location version of the industry leading Spacemaster® SX hoist. An innovative design that includes a large drum diameter gives the Spacemaster® EX hoists the lowest headrooms and best wheel loads in the industry, while providing near true vertical lift with single reeving, as well as exceptional hook approaches and heights of lift.

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ControlMaster™ Anti-sway System is an option for the QX® modular crane package. When added to a crane, the ControlMaster Anti-sway System allows the operator to move a load from one place to another without creating load sway, no matter how high it is lifted. The operator is free to focus solely on the load and surrounding area, creating a load movement process that is both fast and safe.


The ControlMaster™ Anti-sway System automatically adjusts the crane traveling movements by using a mathematical calculation to estimate load swing. The calculation is based on the distance between the center of the rope drum and the load (pendulum length). The system maintains, accelerates, decelerates or reverses the travel speeds/directions to keep the hoist directly over top of the load.

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SXL Heavy Lifting Equipment

  • 10- 250 ton capacities
  • CMAA/ASME or FEM/ISO duty ratings
  • CSA certification
  • Compact double girder trolley with double reeving for true vertical lift
  • Dual trolley drives
  • All motors with thermal protection and D.C.disk brake
  • HoistMonitor® featuring overload protection and condition monitoring
  • Rope overwrap protection
  • Rotary limit switch and block operated upper limit switches
  • Long height of lifts and fast hoist speeds available
  • Inverter control for all motions
  • Hoist inverter with closed loop vector control
  • Trolley travel limit switch
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  • 1/8 to 5 ton capacities (125 kg – 5000 kg) / Single fall up to 2.5 ton (2,500 kg), two fall up to 5 tons (5000 kg)
  • 10, 15 and 20 ft. (3, 4.5 and 6 m) lifts standard; additional lifting heights available up to 98 ft. (30 m) single fall, 49 ft. (15 m) two fall
  • Two-speed TMU trolley drive unit (trolley speed is 80/20 FPM)
  • Trolley brake, drop lugs and bumpers are standard
  • Variable frequency drive option on TMU
  • Various hoist suspensions including hook, push trolley & motorized trolley (TMU)
  • Disc brake positioned after the mechanical overload device (clutch); on the load path
  • High density polyethylene black chain container
  • Two or three step helical gear
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The Low Headroom LK is the ideal solution to meet your toughest clearance requirements for special applications. Using special trolley frame with upper sheave and offset hoist machinery, lifting heights can be optimized. Allows for maximum hook height in tight clearance applications.

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LK Variable speed electric chain hoists enable commercial and industrial facilities to reduce both energy consumption and maintenance costs, while offering flexible speed control of the load (lifting and traveling). Smooth hoist starts and stops reduce the wear and mechanical stresses on structures and minimizes the load sway. All at an affordable price.

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Digichain controls are ergonomically designed handle control allowing LK hoists to be used as an extension of the operator’s arm. Ergonomic control designed specifically for one-handed operation.