Wheel Balancers

Wheel Balancers

A wheel balancer for practically every wheel and every shop.

No matter what kind of wheels your shop services or how much volume your shop does, this is the place to find the best wheel balancer for your specific needs. From value-priced balancers to the advanced technology of our laser-scanning balancers, we offer intuitive systems that allow your techs to easily and properly balance a newly mounted tire.

Wheel Balancer – R180 | Pro 3D Auto Wheel Balancer


Wheel Balancer – R155 | Pro 3D Wheel Balancer


Wheel Balancer – R148 | Pro Shop 2D Wheel Balancer


Wheel Balancer – R138 | Shop 2D Wheel Balancer


Wheel Balancer – R540 | RTLD Truck 2D Wheel Balancer


Wheel Balancer – R544Plus | Pro Truck 3D Wheel Balancer


Balancer Accessories



bal·​anc·​er |  ˈba-lən(t)-sər

Machine found in garages, shops, car and truck dealerships around the world. Used after a wheel/tire/tyre is mounted to a vehicle rim/wheel; the equipment then simulates spinning forces that would be found as if the wheel assembly was attached to the vehicle. Weights are then added in various areas to “balance” the entire assembly.