Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety

09 Jul Workplace Safety

Safety is hopefully paramount in any workplace. Injuries and accidents in the workplace can be costly for both the employee and the employer. And we’re not just talking about the average warehouse accident for which most workplaces are prepared; did you know that stress in the workplace is one of the biggest problems facing workplace safety? Obviously, stressed workers make mistakes, they can have accidents, they can injure themselves, they can injure others. And this also affects workplace performance. Stressed workers push too hard, get careless, while other times they might feel the burden of that stress and then crash. So, what can an employer do to alleviate some of the stress involved with the busy workplace?

First, break down for your employees what work needs to be done. If you have a workforce that shows up and knows their jobs well, then great. Your employees need to have a good idea of the realistic expectations you are placing on them to do whatever work is required in the time that you think is reasonable. The independent-types are assets, and this type of behavior should be encouraged: autonomy is a positive self-motivator. And be realistic about your goals.

In the situation of employees working in an environment with machinery i.e. forklifts, make sure that your employees are well-trained on the aspects of the machine. Make sure they’re confident in their abilities. If they’re not, stay positive and determine how you will get them up to speed and meeting the expectations you have set for them. Be organized: a clean workplace is going to be a safer workplace. There are less accidents in a workplace that isn’t cluttered. Clutter and disorganization affects any worker trying to get his or her job done efficiently.

Now, Anderson Forklift will make sure that you fully understand the machine you are purchasing. You will need to understand your machine in and out before you can explain its operation to anyone else. If you have any questions as to how Anderson Forklift can help your business be a safer and more reliable workplace then call today.

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